Mercedes S-Class: further details on future models

The main focus of the Frankfurt motor show for Mercedes was the S-Class, and the Coupe concept showed off the next model in that line-up.
• Frankfurt motor show 2013 
But we spoke to Dr Uwe Ernstberger, Vice President, product Group, about what else is set to be on offer from the S-Class.
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With the S-Class set to be made up of six different models, Ernstberger confirmed that the Coupe concept was close to what will see in the production car in the middle of next year, claiming that it was 90 per cent the finished product.
We asked what we are likely to see next in the S-Class line. “It will stay interesting. It’s obvious to have something like this. If you see the coupe, it is very clear will we also see an open car soon.” However, we’re unlikely to see a shooting Brake version of the car with Ernstberger claiming that buyers in China and the US, where the S-Class is likely to see some its biggest sales, aren’t interested in the estate.
Instead we could see a four-door coupe added to the range.“A little bit you have to speculate, keep speculating on this. There are many different possibilities,” Ernstberger told us.
And with the plug-in hybrid making its full debut, we asked Erntsberger if the car would eventually be available as an all electric offer. “I think we have to go step-by-step. The S-Class will come next year with a four-cylinder diesel hybrid,” he said. “It’s the next step I think, we will see cars like this in the next ten years. The customer has to be willing to follow this route with us and needs to be supported by government rules.”

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