The a lot of amazing bespoke Rolls-Royces of the last 12 months

The super-rich of the world know that the way to display true wealth in your choice of automobile is to drive something that nobody else has got. like turning up at a celebrity party wearing­­­­ the same dress as another guest, driving the same automobile as a fellow motorist is a fashion artificial pas that the world’s millionaires and billionaires can afford to avoid by speccing their own extravagantly individual vehicles. and nobody does bespoke like Rolls-Royce.
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The company has been serving up a blank canvas to the terrific and good (and rich) of the world considering that the very early days of motoring, when Rolls-Royce supplied just the chassis and running gear. From there, customers chose an independent coachbuilder and were able to intricately tweak the design of their new automobile to their own specification.
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Nowadays, the task falls to Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke division which, given the ideal brief and the ideal budget, can make nearly anything possible. want a headliner lit up with hundreds of tiny stars, exactly relating to the constellations in the sky on the day of your birth? Easy. Your much-loved cityscape picked out in rare wood veneers across the dashboard? A piece of cake. The master craftsmen – carpenters, leather workers, painters and plenty a lot more besides – all subscribe to the company’s approach that commissioning a Rolls-Royce isn’t like ordering a car, it’s like creating a work of art.

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